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sneak preview vid: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLdr8tFoosY

ZINEZINE is an arts literary youth culture zine. Like Woody Allen in bed with a just-of-age octopus, ZINEZINE hopes to make you think, giggle and squirm. This, our third issue, is all Kanye.

KANYEZINE is ballin’ with words and art devoted to the one and only Ye, Yeezus, gay fish, Dr Martin Louie the King, Jr, Mr West.

NINA LAS VEGAS pens 'Dear Kanye', and gets nostalgic for the times he asked her boobs a question and they played Connect Four.

BLONDIE GUMP SHRIMP teams up with Kanye to tackle youth gangs, jazz musicians and one man with too much flour.

JONNO SEIDLER drops an old-school ode to the lost innocence of Kanye’s pink polo and backpack days.

VERONICA SULLIVAN gets biblical up in this b, asking whether Kanye’s religious appropriation is straight narcissism or spiritual angst.

PORT MANTEAU asks ‘What would Yeezus do?’ and surreally imagines a day in the life.

ANNABEL BRADY-BROWN finds a foul-mouthed, 11-year-old girl with dreams of being a rap star in the suburbs of Melbourne.

KANYEZINE is printed with love on Dawn Press' risograph printer.
Please give 3 working days for Australian orders, 10 working days for overseas.